Ceramic (Aesthetic) Crowns for Baby Teeth

Sometimes baby teeth become severely decayed and need something more comprehensive than a filling. Even children as young as one or two years old can get “bottle rot” that, if not treated promptly, can spread throughout the mouth and cause pain and infection. If too much of the tooth is compromised by decay or if cavities are particularly deep or cover several surfaces of the tooth, a tooth-colored composite filling will not endure even normal chewing forces and wear and tear. Composite material is essentially plastic glued to the tooth. Many offices offer stainless steel crowns throughout the mouth. While silver crowns may be necessary in the back teeth due to functional concerns, there are better options for those restoring the pearly whites in the front. We believe in restoring those teeth to their shiny white glory insomuch as it is clinically possible using very strong zirconium crowns. There are occasions when teeth need to be extracted or filled (and very rare occasions when silver crowns are necessary in the anterior teeth.) All of the restorative options will be weighed and discussed prior to treatment. We believe our use of these aesthetic white crowns will have your child (and you) smiling from ear to ear.

Pictures show actual Before and After photos of one of Dr. Van Cleave’s patients.

child's teeth that need crowns
child's teeth after crowns