COVID Precautions

Dentistry in the era of COVID pandemic has changed some of the ways we practice dentistry. Here are some things to expect when you visit our office:

  • You will be greeted by one of our front office staff to take your temperature and relevant health history.
  • We will continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines for healthcare offices regarding mask wearing indoors. Please have a mask for every person aged three and over when entering our office.
  • Parents of kids over the age of three will usually not accompany them to the operatory. If your child has special needs or is very young, exceptions will be made at the doctor’s discretion. This is a new policy for our office, developed out of an abundance of caution with respect to the aerosolized saliva in the environment, and we have discovered something interesting about this change:  Kids are becoming braver without a parent by their side. Some of our most anxious patients have become total rock stars in the dental office without their parents sitting right next to them.  There will be a viewing area in our backyard garden if you wish to observe our interactions with your children, and we will come get you if we need you, but give it a try! You’ll be relieved when you see what your kids are capable of when they have some independence.
  • Since COVID has put a severe strain on supply chains, we have been experiencing a remarkable increase in fees for dental materials and protective gear. As such, we will be adding a $15 COVID fee to each visit until prices stabilize.